BUZZ Powerline Structure

BUZZ Powerline Pro Compensation


Example: You sponsor 3 people, your first is passed up and qualifies you. You receive commission on the other two and all future referrals in your front line as long as your dues are current.

Each person on your front line will pass you their first referral to add to your front line, you receive commission (50%) from each person that now is on your front line, every month.

This can go on indefinitely, your front line is built from direct referrals and pass-ups. This is an extremely powerful and rapid way to build a large residual income.

You receive 50% of monthly dues paid, plus 25% commission on advertising purchases from your powerlines.

In this example your powerlines are shown in yellow. Note: The passup is based on the first referal to pay (Go Pro) not the order of free registration


BuzzTrakr Pro Compensation


Every Buzz Member earns Buzz$Money By sharing BuzzTrakr pages: Each time one of your pages is views by someone you receive Buzz$Money.

Pro Members receive $1 for eavy 1000 views Free Members receive $1 for every 5000 views When you create a great BuzzTrakr page it is very easy to get thousands of views.

Once you earn $2 in Buzz$Money for a BuzzTrakr page you can directly convert it to real commission $$.

Pro-Members also earn 50% residual commission from their powerline Pro-Members Buzztrakr page fees.

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